• Alberto Pozzolo

Christmas Time at the Bakery

I cannot believe that December is upon us already. I've been busy making many products like Torrone, English Christmas cake, and Panettone and have had ittle time to blog about it. The rest of the crew has been engaged with Christmas shortbread, ginger bread cookies, chocolate dipped candied orange peel, and yule logs. In addition to all this they have been managing to keep up with the regular workload so hats off to all. Paolo has been kept busy in the kitchen with lunches and with stocking up the freezeer case and is now preparing delicious fillings for our party Salatini and also providing the bakers with a delicious Tortiere filling for the seasonal savoury tortes. The best way to fully experience the holiday season is to make the trip down to the shop and snoop about. The candied coal is in stock and we have gift certificates if all the choices overwhelm you.

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