• Alberto Pozzolo

Happy 37th Birthday Italian Bakery

Thirty seven years ago our courageous parents crossed the world and brought with them almost 100 years of northern Italian baking history to our little corner at Quadra and Tolmie in Victoria. We have been through much in our time in this city. Many bakers currently applying their trade have practiced and grown their skills in our shop and enriched our region with quality products. Today I wish to extend my appreciation to our parents who took the big leap of faith and created this business. I also want to thank everyone in my immediate family for working to grow and prosper this venture in our generation. Special thanks goes out to my former partner, Janet Cochrane, whom for many years supported and participated in the business. I also want to thank my sister Monica and my brother in-law Andrew Moyer for their contribution to quality and tradition through their business Ottavio in Oak Bay. As many of you know, over the last fifteen years many of our products and breads were a staple in their shop. Much has changed after surviving the fire of 2013 but I am happy to say that we are still here and doing a better product then even. And thus many thanks need to go out to our current bakers, chef and front staff who day in and day apply their good will and commitment in their attitude and work. Buon Compleanno Italian Bakery.

Tradizione Di Buon Gusto dal 1978
3197 Quadra Street
Victoria, BC
V8X 1E9
(250) 388-4557


Tuesday to Friday

7:30 am - 6 pm


8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Closed Sunday & Monday

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