• Alberto Pozzolo

Valentine's Day Take Home Menu

Valentines day is always an interesting venue for us. In the past we were heavily focused on desserts for this occasion as it was an opportunity for us to make products that we might not work on during the rest of the year. This time around our sweets still are a highlight but we are venturing into the savoury aspects of the "lover's Day". We have come up with a take home menu meant to be cost effective and most of all delicious. It is designed with people in mind who have the opportunity to stay home and chose their space as the romantic venue. See our menu on line and order for the date of your choice. Re heating the meal is all that you will have to do, and with a bit of presentation of the food, your efforts will impress your loved one without breaking the bank or going too far from your nest. To view our menu, please return to the main page and click on the pink button found in the main picture.

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Tradizione Di Buon Gusto dal 1978
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