• Alberto Pozzolo

Ciao Torino...

We have left the Torino region and have headed for the Milano lake area to spend the final week of our stay in Italy. In Torino we saw many friends and relatives and had amazing food and bakery experiences every where we went. I can't even begin to describe the hospitality of everyone we met. One of the highlights was visiting and meeting with the owners of our family's old pastry shop in Torino (Pasticceria F.lli Piana) which was opened in 1921, nearly 100 years ago, it is one of the oldest food establishments in the city. I've been told that many locals often ask about the where abouts of my mother who grew up running around the shop like my kids have done in our bakery in Victoria. I toured the work shop and smelled the same scents that I remembered when I was a child. The shop is more oriented towards espresso, catering and lunch food but the cakes and pastries are still in production. I confirmed the authenticity of many recipes and Rory shared with the owners kids tips on how to use Facebook and Instagram more effectively for their needs. All this exposure to the pastry culture has reminded me of the many things to address upon my return to our shop. We will be back soon enough...

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