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Fall Bakery Updates

Hi Everyone,

It has been a busy summer for me and have had little time to blog. We are now in fall weather and we starting to think about being warm and cozy inside our baking walls; we struggle a bit in the heat of summer but love the winter warmth of our oven and space. As most of you know, we are now open seven days per week (though we occasionally take the statutory holiday Sunday and Mondays off) and are happy to see our regular customers more often.

We had a fabulous Thanksgiving holiday and were happy with how the "Harvestone" turned out (a fall version of the Panettone with Anise, dried figs, pine nuts, walnuts and the usual raisins and candied orange peel) and how all our breads disappeared off the rack.

We continue to improve our quality and value as we settle in after the fire restoration.

The food coming out the kitchen from Massimo continues to be authentic Italian fare. Combined with our premium meats and cheeses, his north east regional flare highlights flavours that have now spread throughout Italy's modern cousine. I would like to send out many thanks to him and the rest of the hard working "squadra", who day in and day out show up and produce the daily goods that put a smile on your faces. Thank you Renate, Jeremy, Joseph, Jacob, Matto, Massimo, Graham, Emily and Anna.

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