• Alberto Pozzolo

Rise in the fall with us

We have been busy at the bakery continuing to improve ourselves in all that we do. I have not blogged for over two years and that in itself is a sign that we've been focused more of making great products and letting them speak on our behalf.

We've begun our fall specialties, top of the list is the harvest panettone, appropriately named Harvestone. I only had time for one batch so try to claim yours before we are out. The batch turned out beautifully and after 15 years of adjustments, I am happy with the balance of the flavours; Candied peel and sultanas give it the panettone signature while the pine nuts and walnuts and dried figs speak to me of the fall, the anise and vanilla bean round the whole sweet bread and give it its uniqueness.

As per usual, we will be busy during the thanksgiving week. We are busily making turkey pot pies, pumpkin pies, apple pies as well marzipan fruit. We have bread bagged for stuffing and the local fall nuts have started to appear on our table by the espresso machine. Walnuts will be ready for sale during the beginning of the thanksgiving week. Please reserve your favourite breads for the weekend so no one will be disappointed. Call us at 250 388-4557

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