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Blog Post- Baking schedule during Pandemic

I would like to take the opportunity to update you all on the bakery status during these times. One week ago we halted operations to reduce exposure to the virus by our staff and clients and to discourage folks from coming out for minimal reasons. During this off period I have assessed the situation, fed our sourdough starter and prepared myself to bake personally (as I started isolating a week earlier to be fit to produce while the rest of the staff isolates). So to minimize exposure, and in recognition that some of you may be low on bread, I've decided to bake next week on an order and prepaid basis with product being available for pick up on Thursday and Saturday (April 2nd and 4th). I will be sending organic sourdough rye and white bread to Lifestyles Markets as well over those same days. Here is how I see it unfolding: On our website I will list the types of breads that will be available and their prices. From that list you will be able to order via email. Please choose the day and time that you wish to pick up (between 10-2). I will send you back confirmation and cost for your order. If I have time and the inclination, I may bake some sweet buns and perhaps croissants that I will have available, check our front window for last minute add ons when you arrive. You will be able to send payment via etransfer, consider this like purchasing a virtual gift certificate (minimum denomination $50). I will keep track of it in a book, the amount of payment and the offsetting cost of your order. Outstanding balance will remain available to you for future purchases and if still present when we reopen, issued back to you as a physical gift certificate. I will send further details with the confirmation email that will follow your order. To minimize trips and exposure consider blending orders with friends and family. As I will be working alone, I will do my best to provide you with what you may need but due to capacity issues, I may only be able to fill part of what you may ask for. Bread will be packaged and passed through the front door where I will set up a table. Like my father, I am not a fan of slicing bread for reasons of quality and my own time management. Please consider having a good knife on hand and doing the task yourself, time is on your side. In the case that you still want me to slice, I will be charging an extra $.50/loaf.

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